The ICIE previous conferences:
This International Conference has grown out of an ongoing, vibrant partnership between the International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE) and international educational institutions. Over the past (15) years, ICIE – with its headquarters in Ulm, Germany – has established an impressive track record in terms of highlighting giftedness, creativity, excellence, and innovation in education. Indeed, the organization has reached out to many individuals and groups through its regional and international conferences (which to date have been held in: Amman, Antalya, Athens, Banja Luka, Dubai, Houston, Istanbul, Jerusalem,  Kraków, Lisbon, Novi Sad, Paris, Rijeka, Ulm, and Winnipeg; with upcoming events set for Helsinki 2020). Through these conferences and other services, knowledge has been shared, cultural divides have been overcome, and active networks have been formed and incorporated into the ICIE community and networks.
Some conferences will be introduced here in details:
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  • Prairie View, Texas - USA (July 16-19, 2019)