Black Flight and White Post Structuralism: Exploring the Involuntary Transmigration of African Americans to Suburban Communities
Patricia Hoffman-Miller
Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas
African American migration from inner-city urban centers to suburban and exurban communities occurred during the 21st century, largely as a result of improved economic conditions derived through educational attainment, income gains and amenities presented by the promise of suburbanization. However, an exploration should be undertaken to ascertain whether Black flight was voluntary or involuntary due to White Post Structuralism. Was the African American community denied access to educational, political and economic power structures? Did lack of access affect their decision to migrate to a more sanitized version of suburban life outside of their communities? Are children raised in the diaspora culturally deficient due to the homogenization of their experiences? The implications of these questions and narratives will be the foci of this symposium affecting how institutions of education prepare future students responsible for educating African American children attending suburban and urban schools.  
Dr. Patricia Hoffman-Miller is an associate professor of educational leadership at Prairie View A&M University in Prairie View, Texas. Her research interests focus on how social emotional learning affects decision making and leadership in P-20 institutions; the economic and political dimension of educational attainment, student exclusionary practices in P-12, principal leadership in STEM, assessment and accreditation in higher education, and the leadership practices of African American women.
Dr. Hoffman-Miller is the lead author of three books: African American suburbanization and the culture of isolationism (2019); Keeping it real: A principal and teacher’s guide for implementing school-based STAAR curricular standards (2017), and Preparing for licensure: An educators’ guide for navigating Texas principal preparation using reflective practice (2015).
In addition to her scholarship, Dr. Hoffman-Miller is a Site Team Leader for CAEP; a certified AACTE consultant with expertise in accreditation and an Editor for Sage Online. She previously served as Associate Dean, Interim Department Head for two departments in higher education, and a principal, assistant superintendent and Regional Vice President for numerous school districts and educational management organizations.