Designing Empowered Curriculum: Creative Tools for Differentiated Curriculum
Christine Boyko Head
Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
To generate powerful and effective educational systems, Innovative Learning Environments (OECD, 2015) identifies student engagement, collaboration and learners’ self-awareness as fundamental. This interactive workshop explores how faculty might use the Foursight Thinking Preference assessment and design thinking principles to generate engaging, relevant, quality curriculum. Sharing findings from three Applied Research in Education research projects performed at a college, the facilitator proposes a way to differentiate and personalize all our classrooms through evidence-based methods that enhance learner collaboration, communication and empathetic learning environments.
Short Biography
Christine Boyko-Head, Ph.D. is an interdisciplinary artist-educator, curriculum specialist and creativity in higher education advocate at Mohawk College, Hamilton, Ontario. Her scholarly and artistic works appear in a variety of journals and she has presented her research interests to domestic and international audiences. For ten years she taught across the USA and Israel for Lesley University’s Integrated Teaching through the Arts M.Ed program. Certified as a Creativity and Foursight Thinking Preferences facilitator, Christine has done creative envisioning for post-secondary institutions and community groups. In her spare time, she does writing workshops and public readings from her first historical fiction, Pulse of Courage.
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Christine Boyko Head
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