Krzysztof T. Piotrowski

ICIE Conference in Poalnd
Krzysztof T. Piotrowski is assistant professor at the Teacher Training Center, Jagiellonian University, and he conducts researchin collaboration withthe Institute of Psychologyat the Jagiellonian University.
His main fields ofinterest arecognitive psychologyand the creativity. Ongoingresearch projectsfocus onworking memory, attention in thecreativeprocess, and usingthe creativityin educationtraining. K.T.Piotrowski is an authorof texts concerning the working memory, creativity andteaching. He is trying to implement theoretical knowledge in teaching practice . One of his ideas is the taxonomy ofeducationalobjectives. He works as a trainer atcreativeworkshopsfor students, teachers and company workers. He is aco-founder ofthe Centre forCreativeEducationKangur”in Krakow andthe Polish Association forCreativity.