Norbert Jaušovec

Norbert Jaušovec
University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ph.D. in Psychology, September, 1985
Dissertation: “Enhancing creativity in the classroom”
M.A. in Psychology, September 1980
Master’s Thesis: “Assessment of creativity”
B.A. summa cum laude in Psychology, May 1977
Honors Thesis: “Measuring Creativity”
University of Maribor, Maribor, Slovenia
Assistant dean for international cooperation, 2011 –
Full professor, 1996–
Taught the courses:
“Educational psychology.” BA psychology study program.
“Neuropsychology. ” MA psychology study program.
“Clinical Neuropsycholog” MA psychology study program.
“Neuropsychology of individual differences.” Ph.D. Behavioral and cognitive neuroscience study program.
Associate Professor, 1990–1995
Taught the course “Psychology.” BA teachers study program.
Assistant Professor, 1985–1990
Taught the course “Psychology.” BA teachers study program.
Elementary School TC, Maribor, Slovenia
School psychologist, 1977 – 1985
The Catholic University Milano, Milano, Italy 2010 – 2015
Taught the course: “Assessment of Intelligence and Communication” MA psychology study program.
For shorter time periods I have also lectured at:
Philips Universität Marburg, Germany; University of Leicester, UK; York University, UK; Martin-Luther-Universität at Halle-Wittenberg, Germany; The Medical University of Wroclaw, Poland and the University of Leiden, Netherlands.
My main research interest is in neuropsychological underpinnings of individual differences (Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity and Personality).
Project member
Project: Developmental Psychology (National Agency for Research, Slovenia) – 2004 – 2014
Project: Measurement of Neuroelectric impulses (National Agency for Research, Slovenia) – 2013 – 2016
Project: ENGAGE – Engineering emotional design (Coordination action - 6th Framework Program of the EU) – 2005 – 2008.
Project coordinator, 1996 – 2003
Project: Neuropsychological characteristics of high Intelligent and Gifted individuals (National Agency for Research, Slovenia).
I am, or was the Slovene national correspondent of EARLI (European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction), member of the Slovene national board for UNESCO, member of the editorial board of The Curriculum Journal (Taylor and Francis); BMC neuroscience (London: BioMed Central), The open neuroimaging journal (Hilversum: Bentham Science.)
Research merits
I have authored more than 100 papers, chapters, books, editorials etc. on psychology and neuroscience topics; which includes three books, 54 journal papers, 15 book chapters, 28 refereed conference publications. Google Scholar:
Member of editorial boards and steering committees
2013 – Scientific committee of the 14th International ECHA conference in Ljubljana
2009 – guest editor BMC neuroscience London: BioMed Central
2007 – member of the editorial board The open neuroimaging journal, Hilversum: Bentham Science.
Referee for international journals and research funding reviews (selected)
Biological Psychology
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
Neuroscience Letters
Brain Research
FWF – Austrian Science Fund
ARRS – Slovene agency for research
Member of Ph.D. committees and Specialist at appointments
From 1990 till 2014 I was the member of 30+ Ph.D. committees at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Arts; and acted 35+ times as a specialist in committees for academic promotions and appointments at the University of Ljubljana, and the University of Maribor.
2014 – Dr. Mathias Benedek Karl-Franzens-Universitä Graz
2007 – Mag.Dr.rer.nat. Andreas Fink – Institut für Psychologie, Karl-Franzes-Universität Graz
2005 – Mag.Dr. Michael Markus Doppelmayr, Universität Salzburg
2003 – Dr. Irene-Anna N. Diakidoy, University of Cyprus
Invited key notes and symposia
2014 – 14th International ECHA conference - Re:thinking giftednes: giftedness in the digital age September 17–20, 2014
2012 – 16th World congress of psychophysiology of the IOP Pisa, Italy
2011 – 5th International Conference on Excellence in Education 2011, Istanbul, Turkey
2010 – 15th European conference on personality, July 20-24 2010, Brno, Czech Republic
2010 – 6. kongres psihologov Slovenije, Rogaška Slatina, Slovenija
2004 – 12th World congress of psychophysiology The Olympics of the brain, Thessaloniki, Greece
2002 – 4. kongres psihologov Slovenije, Radenci, Slovenija
2001 – 10th ISSID biennial meeting Edinburgh, UK
1993 – European Conference for Research on learning and instruction, Aix en Provence, France