Gary Hunter is a specialist in the areas of instructor training, oral presentations, facilitative leadership and interpersonal communication skills. For the past thirty years he has delivered hundreds of courses and workshops in these areas to a wide variety of corporate, government, university and adult education institutions. Gary also spent seventeen years teaching in a teacher education program at the University of Winnipeg where he specialized in classroom instruction, motivation and management.

 Life Expect (ICIE Book)Is it possible to educate young people to lead fulfilling lives? Gary Hunter believes it is. In this book, he calls on teachers, teacher educators, parents, principals and all other stakeholders in the field of education to embrace a new approach to teaching, one that requires students to replace the question, “What do I expect from Life?” with an infinitely more empowering question: “What does Life expect from me?” This book is testimony to the power of teachers to influence lives profoundly. In it Hunter details the character traits teachers need to embody, the practices they need to engage their students in, and the habits of character they need to strive to instill in their students to inspire them to lead the lives life expects them to lead. In the process he shows how it is that to lead such lives is to live fulfilling ones.


“I enjoyed Gary Hunter’s Life Expects very much. He lays out his program with uncommon clarity and evocative examples. Hunter succeeds in developing a fully-fledged pedagogical ethos and procedure as he elaborates a very important insight into Viktor Frankl. He found levels through his many years as a teacher and a teacher of teachers.”                                                                                                              Per Brask, Professor of Theatre

“Excellent book. A valuable tool for educators and a window for all readers into the key factors to unlocking human potential. Gary Hunter ties in his 30 years of teaching experience and keen interest in human nature and learning, creating a roadmap for self- improvement and helping others. A must read for teacher sat all levels and students of human nature.                                                                                 Bob Chrismas, Staff Sergeant Winnipeg Police