Creativity and Reflexivity: From Theory to Practice
Vlad Glaveanu,
Aalborg University, Denmark
This workshop presents a new sociocultural formulation of the creative process as a reflective form of action grounded in the capacity to take new perspectives on the same reality. This requires creators to recognise difference and engage with it in a creative manner. The main aims of the workshops are:
a) To introduce participants to the conceptual background of reflexivity and creativity;
b) To offer conceptual and methodological tools for the study of reflective creative processes;
c) To help participants devise practical exercises that foster creativity through perspective-taking.
The key questions addressed in this workshop include, but are not limited to:
1. What kind of difference makes a difference in terms of creativity?
2. How can perspective-taking be used to nurture creative expression?
3. What facilitates and hinders the process of reflexivity and how does this relate to creativity?
4. How can we practically use this knowledge in the classroom and other applied settings?
Participants will be introduced to a theoretical background including dialogical theory, symbolic interactionism, and sociocultural approaches to creativity. Theory will be illustrated with concrete examples from practice and from ongoing research. In the end, practical tools for stimulating reflexivity will be discussed and participants will have the chance to create their own study designs or educational exercises that nurture creative forms of perspective-taking.