Developing Creative Thinking: A Pedagogical Workshop

Adva Margaliot

Science Department, Achva College of Education

The workshop would allow participants to experience practical tools for the development of creative thinking among teachers and students.

Let us look at the following statements:

·         Students enjoy reading adventure literature, titles of thriller and user instructions of a new game, but would rather avoid reading school books.

·         Our world if full of out-of-use products. What can be learned from them or by using them?

Does joining these two statements create an interesting connection in your mind? If the answer is positive, share it with us. If it is still negative, then in our workshop, together, we will look for connections that might turn learning into an adventure.

Creative thinking has been identified as one of the key thinking skills mentioned in the 2005 "Learning for the 21st century" report. It includes several "big" theories through which one can view educational activity and provide a structured frame of reference with tools that can turn learning into a proactive and experiential endeavor.

The transition from learning skills and content materials to learning as an adventure is underpinned by a pedagogical approach akin to our own worldview, according to which motivation of learners, teachers and students is enhanced when they are given the chance to change from passive to active learning, so that they cope with a significant challenge that starts with an assignment whose definition is clear but whose outcome is given to personal interpretation. The workshop will introduce participants to activities that integrate the theory and the practice of creative thinking. The activities are structured so as to integrate play, learning, investigation and experience. Thus we will expose the potential of the integration of theory and activity that encourages creative thinking so as to experience dynamic learning that takes place through playing and peer collaboration. The mission we set ourselves is to motivate the participants to create, to be involved and to be intrigued through tasks that offer new game-like spaces to explore. In this manner we seek to enable the participants to identify their inherent potential and understand what creative thinking is, so that it could become one of their resources for the developing original thinking about contents of learning.

Participants are invited to experience hands-on activities that aim at promoting creativity in education.