Workshop (7)

Identifying and Developing Creative and Productive Giftedness: Major Challenges for the 21st Century Learners
Joseph S. Renzulli;
Director, Neag Center for Creativity, Gifted Education and Talent Development, The University of Connecticut, USA
The economic, cultural, and social development of a nation is dependent on the creative productivity of its most gifted and talented individuals. In this presentation we will first explore the characteristics of young people that are capable of contributing to high levels of creative productivity and procedures used for identifying these students for special services. The second part of the presentation will deal with: (1) how to make curricular modifications that allow time for personalizing learning; (2) how to infuse 21st Century skills into the curriculum; and (3) how we can provide the opportunities, resources, and encouragement for young people to apply their talents to challenging types of learning experiences. Three interrelated types of enrichment will be described and practical examples of how teachers can organize enrichment clusters and learning experiences that focus on creative and productive giftedness will be presented.