Workshop (10)

Scientific Evidence of Neuronal Phenomena
Dubravko Kičić
CEO & President of the Board of Bicro BIOCentre Ltd., Zagreb, Croatia
This workshop will focus on neuronal basis of everyday human behavior relevant for educators at all levels of education. In an interactive setting, a basic brain anatomy will be introduced along with the most common noninvasive brain imaging techniques that enable us to “see into the brain”. We will play with 3-D brain anatomy, choose different brain areas to display, zoom, explore and discuss their functions. If we are good, we will have a pleasure of meeting a “little man” in our brain (his name is Homunculus!). A realistic movie resulting from a mathematical model will show us the complexity of neuronal signaling between different brain areas. That signaling is initiated from environment that is full of auditory, visual, tactile and cognitive stimuli that are literally causing our brains to grow. Moving further, we will present results from several sets of neuroimaging data acquired on several types of brain scanners and link them to some of the observed behaviors. We will learn why “monkey does what monkey see” and why humans are not very far from monkeys? Actually, we will even jump around the classroom! – but this will teach us that our neuronal motor control carefully differentiates between bilateral vs. unilateral movements. Doing things together, we’ll demonstrate which part of our brains is “social” and why we sometimes think differently.