Learning Through Storyboarding and the Digital Camera
Maher Bahloul
Education Through Arts Institute, France
Latest research on Media Literacy has shown a full absence of relevant training in a large number of educational institutions be they elementary, secondary, or tertiary. This workshop will demonstrate ways in which video and storytelling are integrated in teaching and learning. As such, it promotes the growing field of project-based learning: “a teaching method in which students acquire new knowledge and skills in the course of designing, planning, and producing some product or performance” (Simkins 2002:2). The author will draft briefly on current research and evaluation of arts integration that includes video and film (Bahloul & Graham 2012, Burnaford & Aprill 2011, Theodosakis 2009, Glass 2008, Burnaford 2007, Mason, Steedly ang Thormann 2005, Mertens and McLaughlin 2003, Simkins 2002) in order to provide a theoretical and practical context for the workshop. The workshop participants will then learn the video and storyboarding basics from initial development steps to final production. They will be put in small groups and cooperate in writing and storyboarding short scenes. The scenes will be acted out and filmed, then produced and edited. Benefits of the video storytelling will be shown to have impact on teaching methodology, learners’ motivation, learners’ visual presentation skills, and effective learning.