Gifted Children with Special Needs & Creativity: Implications for Education

Coordinator:Adva Margaliot

Presenters:Adva Margaliot; Efrat Bengio; Ksenija Ranogajec Benaković; Rama Klavir

This symposium deals with the unique characteristics of gifted children with special needs, focusing on creative thinking and the ways to implement it in education. Along the symposium, we intend to deepen our knowledge regarding the main definitions and characteristics of gifted children with special needs. The symposium will focus on one of the characteristics common to these populations – creative thinking, and the ways by which we can implement it in diagnostic and educational processes.


Giftedness and Special Needs Children

Efrat Bengio, Ph.D.,

Lecturer in education at the academic college Beit Berl, Israel.

Literature definitions of the concept of "double tag students" – by means of students whom are both – gifted & having learning disabilities or disorders such as: ADHD, Autism & etc. literature perspective of actions that  aims at promoting the giftedness as much as  considering the special-needs of this students.


Creative Cognition in Education

Adva Margaliot, Ph.D.

Lecturer in education at Achva Academic College, Israel.

Literature and practice review of creative teachers whom treats this challenge as an opportunity and a resource for developing new learning methods for double-tag students as well as for the whole class.


Practical Implications for Education

Ksenija Ranogajec Benaković,

European Talent Point “Wind at the Back”, Croatia.

Case study 1:  Analyzing the work process with young students – at a center of developing giftedness in Croatia.


Practical Implications for Education

Klavir Rama, Ph.D.

Head of the National Program for Excellent Pre-service Students at Colleges of Education in the State of Israel (REGEV).

Case study 2: Presenting the story of a double-tag adult student teacher & the decisions which has been taken in order to allow him to take part at the honor program.

Short Biographies

Adva ICIE Conference

Adva Margaliot

Lecturer in education, at Achva academic college, Israel

Ph.D. in education, Bar Ilan University, Israel.

Head of the Science-teaching department at Achva academic college.

Educating in-service and preservice teachers. Moderating action-research seminars in B.Ed. and M.Ed. programs. Developing and teaching creativity as a space of opportunities for improving the learning and the motivation for cognition.

Efrat Bengio

Efrat Bengio in ICIE conference

Lecturer in education at the Academic College Beit Berl , Israel.

Ph.D. in education, Bar Ilan University, Israel.

Educating in different programs of training Kindergarten Teacher, Teacher and Assessment programs on gifted children, special needs children and double labelling of both. Developing and teaching Learning Strategies & life Skills based on the Mediated learning experience for different population.

Ksenija Ranogajec Benaković

Mag. psychology, European Talent Point "Wind at the Back“  and Kindergarten “Lillte Prince”, Croatia

Ksenija in ICIE Conference

For seven years, she was the head of the Preschool Psychologist Section, and the head of professional class of preschool psychologists, Croatian Psychological Chamber. She finished 4-years study of Gestalt psychotherapy. Recently, she is the vice-president of the Association “Wind at the Back”. She has developed a programme entitled “Sparks”, which is designed for the gifted children. In addition, she is involved in capacity building programmes and provides workshops for potentially gifted children from kindergarten up to the late primary school. External associate of the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb.


Rama Klavir

Rama Klavir at ICIE Conference

Rama Klavir is the Head of the National Program for Excellent Pre-service Students at Colleges of Education in the State of Israel (REGEV). She has a Ph.D. in education from Ben Gurion University, Israel. She is a researcher in the fields of education, including professional identity of teachers, teacher-education in the field of gifted students and outstanding students, as well as learning, thinking and creativity.Recently, she is a lecturer in education, at Sha'anan academic college, Israel.