Building Bridges: Academically Talented Underrepresented Students in the Postsecondary Context

Moderator: Fred A. Bonner II

                  Fred A. Bonner II (Rutgers University);
                  Rosie Banda (Rutgers University);
                  Dave Louis (Texas Tech University);
                  Arnel Bulaoro (University of Notre Dame).
This presentation focuses on an innovative program and research investigation conducted at the University of Notre Dame. Through the mentorship of key Notre Dame faculty members, the Building Bridges initiative galvanizes these professors who are identified and selected for participation in the program based on their commitment to promoting student engagement and success. The Building Bridges Mentoring Program assists the University’s talented underrepresented student population to succeed academically as young scholars in one of the nation’s premier educational institutions. Building Bridges matches historically underrepresented first-year students with faculty from the departments that the students wish to explore as possible majors, e.g. chemical engineering, biological sciences, political science. Audience members will be provided with key practical and theoretical perspectives on not only designing but also implementing programs designed to foster the success of gifted and talented minority student cohorts.