Stanislaw ICIE Conference
Stanisław Kowal is the head of the Teacher Training Center of the Pedagogical University of Cracow, researcher and author of multiple works in teacher studies, theory of education and personalized education. Actively involved in establishing institutions of private education.
His main area of interest of the study is concerned with the theory of education and teacher education, and lately with the concept of personalized learning in particular. It is related to the study of the practical implementation of the idea of learning based on the principles of personalism; his recent studies involve the effectiveness of educational solutions based on the concept of single-sex education.
His most recent texts have analyzed the problem of false stereotypes related to education in contemporary all-girls schools and have focused on the practice of academic tutoring.
He conducts post-diploma classes, trainings, and courses for teachers. As the vice-president of the Sternik-Kraków Foundation, engaged in the management of kindergartens and schools, he is responsible for issues related to the professional development of teachers and the education of parents.