Vlad Glăveanu

Vlad Glăveanu, PhD, is Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Psychology and Counseling at Webster University Geneva, Associate Professor II at Bergen University, Norway, as well as Director of the Webster Center for Creativity and Innovation (WCCI). He obtained his PhD from the London School of Economics and his work is exploring creativity, innovation, imagination, culture, collaboration, social representations and social development. He edited the Palgrave Handbook of Creativity and Culture (2016), co-edited the Cambridge Handbook of Creativity Across Domains (2017, with James Kaufman and John Baer) Oxford Handbook of Imagination and Culture (2017, with Tania Zittoun) and edited the up-coming Creativity Reader with Oxford University Press (2018). Vlad is co-editor, with Brady Wagoner, of the book series Palgrave Studies in Creativity and Culture and editor of Europe’s Journal of Psychology (EJOP), published by PsychOpen (Germany).