Estimation Tools for Creative Education

Giovanni E. Corazza

The Marconi Institute for Creativity, University of Bologna, Italy

One of the fundamental elements to a successful creativity session in the classroom is without a doubt the moments in which creative ideas, products, acts are met by the reactions of the other students and of the teacher/professor. Indeed, it is a proven fact that most of the brilliant ideas that one is able to generate never see the light because of emotional blocks due to the difficulty in facing the reaction of others. For this reason, teachers/professors play an extremely delicate role in the generation of the appropriate climate for creativity. In this workshop, we will discuss and the experiment the use of estimation tools that can be used for a new form of assessment, one in which there is ample room for parallel assessment and where personality elements are positively exploited. The tools can be used for framework finding, balancing negative aspects with overcomes, enhancing originality or finding new applications for ideas developed for specific purposes.