Karsten Küstner is an internationally renowned hypnotist and trainer in Conversational Hypnosis as well as Self Hypnosis and a specialist in Relational Recovery Strategies.

Among countless NLP and Hypnosis trainings, and the most influential teachings he received through his Kung Fu trainer, he has received credentials via the teachings of John Overdurf (he is a licensed trainer of HNLP/NLP) and Igor Ledochowski, currently serving as one of the trainers for the Hypnosis Training Academy.

On his path Karsten has created his unique strategy for overcoming relational terrors and thriving after narcissistic abuse. His world view is that all difficulties give us a unique opportunity to grow and become the person that we have always felt (and sometimes forgot to feel) the potential for.

Karsten started off on a different path: Working in Japan for a Japanese movie production company he did not necessarily anticipate to be standing on a stage to teach Conversational Hypnosis and Communication skills. It was rather his fear of public speaking coupled with a desire to be connecting to larger audiences and people in general that drew him to hypnosis. He was surprised that his search for personal development almost from the start drew other people in who were seeking support to him. And he enjoyed extending personal growth and unfolding to others so immensely that it became his passion to teach.  


Check out more about him on his Website: www.hypnoticintent.com


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