MathemaTIC: Personalized Learning in Mathematics

Charles Anifowose

Chief Learning Architect, Vretta, Inc.

In Luxembourg, technology is proving its potential to revolutionize mathematics education.   MathemaTIC is an award-winning digital platform created to personalize mathematics learning in a multilingual environment and take new steps towards a world where everyone enjoys math.
In 2015, the Luxembourg Ministry of Education along with national and international partners, including the University of Luxembourg, the French Ministry of Education, and Canadian technology partner Vretta, launched a collaboration to bring innovative digital teaching and learning technologies to teachers and students. Over the past three years, our team of instructional designers, animators, and developers have been working closely with classroom teachers to develop a multi-lingual digital learning environment to support students’ mathematics learning in Years 3 to 8.
This has included developing tools to support student reasoning and make student thinking visible to their teachers through the platform, as well as ensuring that students have freedom to approach problems in their own way and are supported throughout their learning.
In this workshop, we will share examples from the platform of interactive tools to support student thinking, dynamic feedback to assist struggling students, and gamified elements to keep learning fun. Participants will gain access to the full MathemaTIC platform, including its engaging and interactive learning and assessment items, covering topics in fractions, 2D and 3D geometry, data management, number sense and more.  The workshop will also include a demonstration of how the MathemaTIC platform can be used effectively in a classroom setting to give students a powerful differentiated learning experience.  Workshop participants will also be offered free access to MathemaTIC for a limited time to review its potential with colleagues in their own school system.
Important Note:
Bring your own device and join in! We recommend a laptop or tablet with pre-installed browser, preferably Google Chrome.