The 11th International Conference on “Innovation in Education (ICIE-2014)” will take place at Paris Descartes University (July 7-10, 2014). The organizing committee will keep you well informed about this event. We also have a wide variety of Post-Conference Workshops planned over one day (July 10, 2014), each of them will be conducted by experts in this field of knowledge.
The final version of the detailed conference programme is available now. Click on the cover shown here to get your e-Copy. In addition, you can get a copy of the full programme as it currently stands by clicking HERE.

Print Your Program:

You will have a printed copy of this programme. But, If you would like to print the first (32) pages, CLICK HERE.

To have an idea about the conference programme, the organizing committee has prepared the following planner. It is printed and will be distributed at the conference.
To get e-Copy of this planner, CLICK HERE.

Planner First Day ICIE

Planner ICIE Second Day

Third Day Planner ICIE


Post Conference workshops

To get e-Copy of this planner, CLICK HERE.