Sławomir Śpiewak

Slawomir ICIE Conference
Sławomir Śpiewak is Assistant Professor of The Department of Social Communication and Basic Research in Psychology in the Institute of Applied Psychology of Jagiellonian University, Kraków, Poland
His major scientific interests are focused on the role of cognitive and self-regulatory effort in various aspects of human behavior. More specifically, he is investigating how human cognition and social environment determine the effectiveness of social influence (e.g. how cognitive effort determines the effectiveness of social influence, how computer-mediated communication facilitates cooperation in teamwork). The other area of his interest is the strength model of self-regulation and the cognitive explanation of the ego-depletion effect.
Dr Śpiewak is a member of European Association of Social Psychology and Polish Association of Social Psychology he is also an Associate Editor of the quarterly Psychologia Społeczna (Social Psychology).