Symposium Three

Responsible Science in Science Education (RRI Tools)



Đurđa TimotijevićICIE Conference

Psychologist; RRI Trainer; Center for the Promotion of Science, Department of International Cooperation

Katarina Anđelković

Sociologist; RRI Trainer; Center for the Promotion of Science, Department of International Cooperation


Science can and should contribute to solving many global challenges our society faces, such as climate change, health, pollution, and resource depletion. With that aim in mind, the European Commission recently pushed forward the concept of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) to foster and facilitate research and innovation in an inclusive, societally oriented way.

The goal of RRI Tools project, funded by EC, is to emphasize the importance of societal issues in science and innovation and to empower collaboration between different groups of stakeholders in research and innovation process (e.g. scientists, science educators and policy makers).

The aim of this symposium, as a mixture of training and discussion with the audience, is to highlight the importance of science communication within science & education communities, to initiate a self-reflection regarding responsibility in our practice but also to create ideas and offer some practical tools and guidelines on how to implement concepts of RRI in science education in schools, with reference to the RRI Toolkit.


Responsible Science in Education – RRI Tools symposium is organized by University of Rijeka Foundation in partnership with Center for the Promotion of Science.


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University of Rijeka Foundation is an independent organisation but fully incorporated in the University's goals with the focus on the development of the scientific and research infrastructure, activities, education and human resources. At the same time, the mission of the

Foundation is realized by encouraging and rewarding significant achievements in the field of science and art, promotion of the idea of knowledge society and active and inclusive citizenship. Modalities of action include yearly grants for the co-financing of the participation at scientific conferences, organisation of scientific meetings, publishing activities, and for the co-financing of student activities. Also, one of most prominent project is the grant for the Award of the Foundation, carried out continuously since 2004. The University of Rijeka cooperates with the academic community, public institutions, government and NGOs on local, national and international level.


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Apart from being one of the partners at the RRI Tools project, the Center for the Promotion of Science also acts as the SEE (Southeast) Hub Coordinator in Serbia, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina. The Center for the Promotion of Science in Serbia is a public institution established by the Law on Scientific Research with the task to promote science and technology. The Center cooperates with research and educational institutions (universities, research centers and schools) in Serbia and worldwide, works closely with the government ministries as well as the media and the private sector.