ICIE and African Talent Federation Awards
The origins of The Royal Fellowship Award of the Royal Fellowship Council were started in the 16th century when the ‘invisible college’ of natural philosophers was initiated to recognize and appreciate the work of scientists. This later extended to other disciplines other than sciences to ensure that all human creativity was recognized alongside innate talents.
The African Division was created in the year 2009 but remained dormant for 10 years until the year 2019 when it awarded the first lot of her Fellows.
The Royal Fellowship (African Chapter) is awarded to persons, of Pan African origin, owning academic or honorary doctorate degrees, and having been assessed for professional endowment or innate talent. In addition, they must have demonstrated creativity in real world to either improve what is existing or create something new that speaks equally new value.  This is achieved through additional practical research that is evidenced in approved documented research, media documentary and personal websites per guidelines provided.
As per the rules and mandates, Member Universities by conferment of the fellowship, may grant Associate Professor or Professor Emeritus Status to them and thus allow them to use the title professor.
This award further allows them to use the titles RFA and / or Hon RFA in their letterheads or related promotional materials to signify their status with the council.
As New Fellows, they are required to sign the Obligations and Charter Book and read before the official panel or congregation, the statutes. Their portraits appear among other Fellows of the Council and their names in the Official Books and hallways of fame, and as aforementioned, allowed to append the initials and emblems of the council to their names and titles.
The 2024 Chapter of this award will take place in Bucharest, Romania, under the International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE) over ICIE Special Awards Conference Sessions - 3-6 October, 2024.
The International Centre for Creativity and Innovation is in partnership with The African Talent Federation (and by extension The African Talent University – ATU – owned by the Federation). In this regard, the African Talent Federation identifies ATU graduates that are beyond mere academic achievements but also have innate abilities to change the world due to their unique natural abilities.
Vide “Stretch-Research Tasks”, these graduates are required to complete “thought-provoking” tasks with a view to creating something new or improving on what is existing.
Successful graduates, of Pan African origin and who qualify, are usually awarded during ICIE Annual gathering which also encompasses the ICIE International Conferences.
The 2024 ICIE Annual Creativity and Innovation Awards will take place in Bucharest, Romania over ICIE Special Awards Conference Sessions - 3-6 October, 2024.